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porcelain lampholder Co. is a specialized manufacturer of copper, iron, porcelain, plastic screw porcelain lampholders (E14, E27, E40) and spigot porcelain lampholders (B15d, B22d). Meanwhile, the quality conforms to the GB1406-89 (screw), GB1407-80 (spigot), IEC-238 international standards and the ZBK74003-86 national standard. All the switches conform to the IEC669-1 and GB10979-89 standards. And have got CE Certificate. with the annual outputs are 60 millions so. our stable and quality products are selling well in the North American, South American, East European, West European, East Asian, Southeast Asian, the Middle East and Oceanian markets.
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porcelain lampholder -as an export enterprise, we are one professional manufacturer of all kinds of porcelain lampholder products, with building area of 12,000sqm and advanced production lines, located in minqing, fujian where enjoys reputation for porcelain lampholder products. Our company is a modernized manufacturer which incorporating the studying, producingand selling into a whold organ. The main products of our company are porcelain lampholder lampholder porcelani lampholder E14 ,porcelain lamphooder E26, porcelain lampholder E27 , porcelain lampholder E39,porcelain lampholder E40, Fuse Unit,Insulator,Knife Switch,Adapter Block, Porcelain Socket, Chemical Porcelain,Electrical Porcelain accessory,and Bakelite electrical appliance. Equipped with excellent managing staffs experience workers,andvanced managing system,and guranteed by advanced workmanship strict quality control system, we can serve you perfectly from developing,designing, production, import export.With years developing and searching, extracting the manage experience, we have pass the ISO9001 attestation of porecelain lampholder.

Key Specifications/Special Features:
porcelain lampholder (E14):
1.Outer of porcelain lampholder (E14)shell made of UL94V durable bakelite with superhigh flame retardancy
2. The inner of porcelain lampholder(E14) contact parts made of aluminum alloy with superhigh electrical conductivity
3. Rated: 3A, 250V
4. Tube: E14
porcelain lampholder (E26)
1. With UL approval
2. Safety for use
3. Rated voltage: 250V
4. Rated current: 4A
porcelain lampholder (E27),
1. Bakelite lampholder E27
2. With rubber cover
3. Long life time
4. Color: black or white
porcelain lampholder (E39)

porcelain lampholder (E40)

porcelain lampholder (B22)...
Key Specifications/Special Features:
1. 60W, 250V
2. Materials: plastic, ABS
3. With CCC certificate